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Losing a Subsidy Is Not the Same as Losing Coverage

Will turmoil reign in health insurance markets if the Supreme Court disallows tax credits on the federal exchanges? The plaintiffs in King v. Burwell claim that ObamaCare creates a tax credit subsidy More...

To Do: Assess the Future of Innovation

• Assess the future of innovation. The Mercatus Center’s Tyler Cowen will have a conversation with Peter Thiel. The talk begins at 2 p.m. on March 31 at the Founders Hall Auditorium at the More...

New Mexico Is Nearing a Major Victory for Civil Liberties

Last Saturday, both chambers of New Mexico’s legislature passed a bill that will make it a lot harder for law enforcement to take the property of people not convicted of a crime. The bill places More...

Taxation Without Representation

The federal deduction for state and local taxes is a handout to high-tax states. It lets them raise their taxes higher than would otherwise be politically sustainable by shifting that tax burden to ta More...

The Export-Import Bank Is Welfare for Really Big Corporations

The Export-Import Bank’s charter expires on June 30, but Congress is considering a bill to extend the life of the bank, which provides financing for foreign purchasers of U.S. goods. That would More...

Congress Wants to Fix Medicare by Making It Worse

Congress wants to fix Medicare’s doctor payments so that seniors don’t suffer even worse access to health care than they already have. But they may end up making the program worse for the More...

Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore Showed that Health Savings Accounts Work

Lee Kuan Yew died last week at the age of 91. One of the most important things he did as Prime Minister of Singapore, argues John Fund, was to show that voucherizing social programs is the way to have More...

The Hudsucker Proxy Shows the Value of a Price-Coordinated System

Market prices are signals that help people figure out what economic activity is valuable to society and what isn’t. The film The Hudsucker Proxy helps us to see the point, explains Andrew Heaton More...

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