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Is Building 350-ship Navy Some Kind of Fantasy?

Not at all, writes Justin Johnson: What would it take to get to 350 ships? The Navy plans to build nine to 10 ships per year. The Romney plan proposed 15 new ships per year—approximately 50 More...

The Federal Forest Service Has Built a Tinderbox

Wildfires are on pace to break some records for area burned this year. Climatic factors may explain the spike, writes Julian Morris, but we should look to federal land management practices to understa More...

The Right to Never Be Offended Isn’t in the Constitution

Yet, American Colleges and Universities have been acting like such an imaginary right trumps free speech, notes Greg Lukianoff: More...

The U.S. Welfare State Is More Generous than France’s

Finds Michael Tanner and Charles Hughes: Contrary to stereotypes, U.S. welfare benefits are more generous than those in many European countries normally associated with a sprawling welfare state. More...

Iran’s Support for Terrorism Could Increase by 50 Percent

Rachel Hoff does the math: The Iran deal will provide the Islamic Republic with an estimated $140 billion in sanctions relief and unfrozen assets. Iran currently spends 3.4 percent of its tota More...

Who Gave History a Vote?

Are you on the wrong side of history? Probably, since there are so many of them. Jonah Goldberg points out that this idea that history has a direction is kind of problematic for democratic self-govern More...

Washington State Protects Its Consumers from Information about How Its Policies Affect Consumers

When restaurants attach a “minimum wage surcharge” to customers’ bills, they are obviously trying to communicate with their clientele about the consequences of a higher minimum wage More...

Free Speech? Forget about It

First European regulators wanted Google to shove some news down a memory hole in order to comply with Europe’s new “right to be forgotten.” Now they want Google to remove links to st More...

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