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Why Iran Must Not Be Allowed to Have the Bomb

Brett Stephens: More...

To Do: Celebrate Milton Friedman

• Celebrate Milton Friedman’s 103rd birthday. The father of school choice will be celebrated around the country by many free markets groups, including the Center of the American Experiment More...

Where Did the Idea of Religious Tolerance Come From?

Religious tolerance is an American innovation. How did that happen? Larry Schweikart explains: More...

Do You Live in a Cartel State or a Competitive State?

Some states compete for citizens with good policy while other states want to limit that competition by forcing other states to have the same policies they do. The former approach is called competitive More...

Iran Gets a Lot of Buck for Little of Its Bang

The short version of the story on the agreement over Iran’s nuclear program is that Iran gets certain benefits relatively quickly in exchange for making promises it has not kept in the past&mdas More...

The Culture Matters

Conservatives tend to see the mediating institutions of civil society as playing a vital role in solving society’s problems, whereas liberals tend to believe that the only collective action is g More...

Dodd-Frank Made the Big Banks More Powerful at Consumers’ Expense

The Dodd-Frank bill (formally known as the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act) became law five years ago this week. The purpose of the law, coming after the financial crisis of 2008, was t More...

Obergefell Threatens Religious Liberty

Each of the justices who dissented from the majority decision in the marriage case (Obergefell v. Hodges) warned that recognizing marriage as a constitutional right would end up threatening the religi More...

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Disclosure Laws Threaten Free Speech

Policy Studies

  • In the US, cost sharing and out of pocket payments have been the primary method insurers have used to keep coverage affordable. In the future, insurance designers should use cost sharing, scaling, and splitting to make coverage more affordable for more America More...

  • The Federal Communications Commission has officially ordered that the Internet be regulated under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. This bad decision will lead to decreased investment, withering innovation, and more expensive internet for all Americans. More...

  • Support for a carbon tax has become the height of fashion among some on the right, and an express pass to "strange new respect" from the left. It even earned former congressman Bob Inglis (a Republican from South Carolina) the 2015 JFK Profile in Courage Award More...

  • The turnaround in domestic oil production is the closest thing to an energy revolution to occur since 1973. The new oil boom has transformed the political landscape around energy policy. Yet it has also sparked a fierce new policy debate. The stakes in this de More...

  • When it comes to climate change, the Republican Party need not theorize about conspiracies or hide behind ignorance. It should confront the facts as scientists generally understand them, as well as the limits of that understanding, and it should seek to empowe More...

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