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Are Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws Good for the Public?

Does giving police the power—and an incentive—to seize property they believe is connected with a crime make the public better off? Critics say civil asset forfeiture laws are abused by More...

School Choice Saves Taxpayers Money

Contrary to what opponents of school choice claim, voucher programs saved taxpayers $1.7 billion between 1990 and 2011. There is also plenty of evidence that school choice produces better outcomes, to More...

Are Green Activists Writing Our Environmental Laws?

Officials at the Environmental Protection Agency have given outside pressure groups unprecedented access and improper influence over environmental policy, says Christopher Horner. Horner and his colle More...

The War on Poverty Never Ends Because They’re Not Really Measuring Poverty Anymore

Robert Rector and Rachel Sheffield explain why the 50-year-old War on Poverty seems like a never-ending skirmish: The unchanging poverty rate for the past 45 years is perplexing because anti-pove More...

Asset Forfeiture Has Turned Cops into Crooks

John Yoder and Brad Cates explain how police departments’ use of their asset forfeiture powers “has turned into an evil itself, with the corruption it engendered among government and law e More...

To Do: Find Your Liberty-Loving Friends in Denver

• Confab with your allies in the state-based liberty movement. The State Policy Network’s Annual Meeting, on the theme “Dare to Disrupt,” will be held in Denver on September 23 More...

Ending the Export-Import Bank Would Help the Economy

Congress has an opportunity to end a little bit of corporate welfare when the authorization for the Export-Import Bank expires on September 30. If Congress does nothing, the Export-Import Bank ceases More...

Limiting Congress Is a Feature, Not a Bug, of the Constitution

Wednesday was the 227th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution, which says, among other things, that “Congress shall make no law […] abridging the freedom of speech.” But so More...

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