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M. Stanton Evans Has Done a Lot for the Conservative Movement

M. Stanton Evans wrote the Sharon Statement in 1960, the classic statement of the fusionist philosophy that formed the modern conservative movement. In the 1970s, as chairman of the American Conservat More...

What the Media Get Wrong about That New PEW Report

A lot of attention has been given to the recent PEW finding that 47 percent of conservatives name Fox News as their top source for government and political news while liberals are more evenly divided More...

You Have Religious Liberty—Unless You Want to Run a Business, Too

The deputy city attorney of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, has told Donald and Evelyn Knapp that if their chapel, The Hitching Post, doesn’t perform same-sex wedding ceremonies, it will be in viola More...

To Do: Defeat Dictators, Promote Free Markets, Defend the Rule of Law

• Learn how to defeat dictators. The Oslo Freedom Forum will gather on October 21 – 23 to discuss strategies of nonviolent resistance, the use of art and film to promote freedom, courage an More...

State Corporate Welfare Is a Problem, Too

Corporate welfare isn’t just a way for federal lawmakers to give other people’s money to supporters. States do it, too. Veronique de Rugy shows who the culprits are using data from Subsidy More...

Has the Long Run Arrived?

The good news from the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund is that the world’s finance ministers and central bankers may be closer than ever to reckoning with the reality that Keyn More...

Discovering Government Intimidation in Houston

What’s going on in Houston, where the city this week subpoenaed the sermons and other private papers of a group of pastors? The background, from Andrew Kloster: When the Houston City Counci More...

The Left’s Anti-Energy Policies Hurt the Poor—and Everybody Else, Too

Trying to limit the burning of fossil fuels can only make energy more scarce and expensive. That has real negative consequences, especially for the poor: More on this theme: “Fossil Fue More...

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The Forgotten Depression - 1921: The Crash that Cured Itself......at
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