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InsiderOnline Blog: November 2012

Christmas Wins! Christmas Wins!

Here’s a story about the war on Christmas that has a happy ending: Earlier this month, administrators at Western Piedmont Community College told one of its student groups that it could market the group’s holiday tree sale but not its Christmas tree sale. “We cannot market your trees in association solely with a Christian event,” said the school’s Community Relations Direct, explaining why advertising copy for the group’s sale had been changed to say “holiday tree” instead of “Christmas tree.”

On behalf of the group, BEST Society, the Alliance Defending Freedom fired off a letter to school officials explaining: “WPCC’s removal of all references to Christmas in BEST’s advertisements because of the religious message conveyed in the advertisements is blatant viewpoint discrimination in violation of the First Amendment.”

On Tuesday, possibly worried about the threat of legal action, Western Piedmont Community College decided to reverse its censorship and put the word Christmas back into the ad copy. Whatever the school’s motive, it admitted an error and apologized to the students. So, two cheers for Western Piedmont Community College! [Alliance Defending Freedom, November 28]

Posted on 11/29/12 06:43 PM by Alex Adrianson

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