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InsiderOnline Blog: December 2012

Competition from Indiana Pushed Michigan Gov. Snyder to Get Behind Right-to-Work

Reports Lachlan Markay:

“They did similar legislation back in February,” [Gov. Rick] Snyder said in a recent Fox News appearance. “They’ve seen thousands of jobs come to Indiana, and those jobs could also come to Michigan.” He might have added: instead of from Michigan.

“They’ve had 90 companies in the pipeline for economic development say this was a factor in deciding to look to come to Indiana,” Snyder said of the state’s right-to-work law at a news conference earlier this year, citing statistics from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. “That’s thousands of jobs. We need more and better jobs in Michigan.”

According to IEDC, 67 planned projects in Indiana have reached the “pipeline stage,” and 31 companies have said they will move operations to the state, resulting in an estimated 3,700 new jobs and $431 million in investment. […]

“The state of Indiana and the local economic development folks have shown a willingness to do what is necessary to attract businesses to our state,” said Nick Busche, president and CEO of machine manufacturer Busche-CNC, which announced it would add 120 jobs at its Albion, IN, factory by 2015. “The recent passage of the right-to-work law was just another example of the strong commitment by this state to promote growth and job creation.” [The Foundry, December 12]

More competition between states, please.

Posted on 12/13/12 06:30 PM by Alex Adrianson

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