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InsiderOnline Blog: February 2013

Your ObamaCare Papers, Please

Americans will spend an additional 128 million hours per year filling out forms, thanks to the reporting requirements in ObamaCare, says a new report from the House Ways and Means Committee. Restaurants, for example, will spend about 14 million hours annually filling out forms to verify they are putting all the nutritional information on their menus that the law says they should. Hospitals will have to spend an extra 7 million hours every year to make sure they are reporting the right data on the quality of their services to the Department of Health and Human Services. Some of the reporting burden is born by directly by the government (i.e., taxpayers). State and federal agencies will spend about 21 million hours on paperwork every year just to make sure they are coordinating Medicaid eligibility determinations. In all, the report identifies 157 different provisions of ObamaCare that create or add paperwork burdens. [ObamaCare Burden Tracker, House Ways and Means Committee]

Posted on 02/06/13 06:58 PM by Alex Adrianson

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