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InsiderOnline Blog: May 2007

Duncan Hunter: Fences Work

At Human Events, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) points out that the Secure Fence Act was not a suggestion. The law requires an 854-mile fence, not the 370-mile fence that the Department of Homeland Security has said it will build along the United States-Mexico border. Hunter also points to the San Diego Border Fence as an example of a physical barrier that has been successful in stemming illegal immigration:

Since construction of the San Diego Border Fence began in 1996, the smuggling of people and narcotics has dropped drastically, crime rates have been reduced by half according to FBI statistics, vehicle drug drive-throughs have been eliminated and apprehensions have decreased as the result of fewer crossing attempts.

Posted on 05/22/07 11:43 AM by Alex Adrianson

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