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InsiderOnline Blog: July 2005

Don't Tread on the Granite State

Shortly after the Kelo decision, Logan Darrow Clements generated some buzz when he proposed the construction of a hotel on property owned by David Souter.  The Weare, NH site is the Souter family home. 

Now the Washington Post has taken notice and finds that many locals don't look to favorably on the ruling of their native son.

In a state where people fiercely protect their right to local control over land and government, many said the hotel gambit is Souter's just deserts.

Robin Ilsley, who makes syrup on a family farm about two miles from Souter's place, said the justice brought the controversy on himself. "It was a pretty stupid ruling," she said.

Her mother watched Souter grow up but is unsympathetic. "I like David very much, but I don't like his ideas," said Winnie Ilsley, 77, who runs a doll museum at her farm. "I just don't think it's fair," she said of the court's "takings" decision.

A recent University of New Hampshire poll found that 93 percent of state residents agree with her.

Souter, however, does have at least one supporter in the "Live Free or Die" state: his sixth grade teacher.

Posted on 07/25/05 11:18 AM by Larry Scholer

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