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InsiderOnline Blog: August 2013

Now It’s OK to Say False Promises Are Being Made about ObamaCare

Remember when lefty pundits like Jonathan Cohn [New York, June 5] and Ezra Klein [Washington Post, June 1] said righty pundits like Avik Roy [Forbes, May 30] were being dishonest in reporting that ObamaCare was going to produce health insurance rate shock? Cohn and Klein’s argument boiled down was: People shouldn’t be shocked when their rates go up because liberal policy wonks won’t be shocked.

Here’s Jonathan Cohn, writing on Monday in response to a Friday press conference in which President Obama said that when the ObamaCare exchanges open people will be able to sign up for health insurance that is significantly cheaper than what they can get now:

[W]hile some people will pay less than they pay today, some will pay more. They will primarily be young, healthy men who benefited from preferential pricing in the past, were content with coverage that had huge gaps, and are too wealthy to qualify for the law’s tax credits—which are substantial but phase out at higher incomes…

But somebody listening to Obama’s press conference probably wouldn’t grasp that distinction. They’d come away thinking their insurance will be cheaper next year. For some, it won’t be. Obama isn’t doing himself, or the law, any favors by fostering a false expectation. [New Republic, August 12]

Michael Cannon comments:

If you want to know why we can’t have an honest debate about ObamaCare, consider how Barack Obama has irresponsibly distorted that debate (for four years and counting). I hope Cohn keeps demanding greater honesty from the president, and that other ObamaCare supporters follow Cohn’s lead. [Cato Institute, August 13]

Posted on 08/14/13 05:38 PM by Alex Adrianson

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