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InsiderOnline Blog: September 2008

Time to Celebrate the Constitution

Constitution Day is coming up—September 17. A good way to celebrate is to learn a little bit more about the most revolutionary document in the world—or help someone else learn more.

Good sources of online information include The Bill of Rights Institute; Ratification of the Constitution, a product of the Ashbrook Center; and, a project of the Claremont Institute. (The forthcoming fall issue of The Insider will feature an article on the Bill of Rights Institute.)

Also you might consider rummaging through The Heritage Guide to the Constitution, which provides a clause-by-clause analysis of the entire Constitution and includes contributions from the leading constitutional scholars in the country.

Recently, the Atlanta Committee for Heritage decided that the Guide would be a great resource for Atlanta-area students. The group, which is affiliated with The Heritage Foundation, donated a copy of the Guide to each of the 117 public schools and 68 private schools in Atlanta and the 10 surrounding counties. Said committee member John McNair: “The Constitution is the most important government document we have. I thought, ‘How can we get this book out to the community, and in particular to students?’”

Nice work, Atlanta Committee!

Posted on 09/04/08 06:21 PM by Alex Adrianson

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