by Brett D. Schaefer
The Heritage Foundation
January 28, 2013
The U.N. General Assembly has approved its “scale of assessments” for 2013–2015, determining the share of U.N. budgets that each member state is expected to pay. A decade ago, the U.N. committed to lowering the U.S. peacekeeping assessment to 25 percent, and by 2009, the U.S. share had fallen to less than 26 percent. In 2010, however, the U.S. assessment rose sharply, costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. The U.S. share of the peacekeeping budget has now risen again to above 28.36 percent over the next three years, which will lead to yet more costs to U.S. taxpayers. Congress and the Obama Administration encouraged these reversals through amendments to U.S. law allowing payments above 25 percent. The U.S. should resume pressure on the U.N. to fulfill its commitment to lower the U.S. peacekeeping assessment to 25 percent.

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