by James Golsan
Texas Public Policy Foundation
February 05, 2013
The Wall Street Journal referred to 2011 as “the year of school choice.” A number of states passed legislation to expand their charter school options, provide scholarships to special needs students, and open up private school choice to families with financial need. The flagship programs among these would have been the Indiana and Louisiana choice programs, both massive statewide initiatives geared specifically to give middle and lower income students a chance at a private school education if they desired access to one. Louisiana in particular turned itself into a national leader on the school choice front with the passage of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s omnibus legislation. A comprehensive reform package, it expanded the state’s recovery charter school district, created broader access to education scholarships, and emphasized higher quality educators statewide. All of these reforms are models for freedom in education that most other states—like Texas—can look to and build from.

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