by Myron Magnet
Manhattan Institute
August 30, 2013
City Journal
As New York citizens prepare to vote on a new chief executive for their city, it’s imperative they understand Gotham’s current era of peace and safety is no accident. Though New York is now one of the safest large cities anywhere, this has certainly not always been the case. “Fear” operated as the buzzword of life in the Big Apple for decades, as residents struggled to cope with rampant crime fueled by a roaring trade in drugs and sex. Municipal government seemed unwilling or incapable of addressing the violence holding neighborhoods hostage. That changed with the election of Rudy Giuliani to the mayor’s office in 1994, as he successfully waged war on crime and the urban decay it fostered. Political lessons learned can easily be forgotten in the absence of compelling leadership, however. Can New York residents remember what it took to rescue their city, and vote accordingly?

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