by Steven P. Bucci, Michaela Dodge
The Heritage Foundation
January 15, 2014
America is dramatically less safe and prosperous than when President Obama took office. The President’s “leading from behind” strategy only caused the U.S. to lose respect and influence on every front and emboldened U.S. adversaries. The U.S. will have to face the return of great power competition, the spread of global terrorism, assaults on U.S. sovereignty and individual liberties from unaccountable international organizations, and an uncertain global economy made worse by unsustainable fiscal policies and debt. The U.S. needs strong leadership on defense so that the nation can be secure and prosperous. Congress should restore a strong national defense, adopt a prudent and self-confident foreign policy, and promote freedom—especially economic freedom—abroad. It should protect U.S. national sovereignty, ensure the competitiveness of the U.S. economy, protect the constitutional liberties of Americans, and respect the rights of others.

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