by Sam Batkins
American Action Forum
January 17, 2014
This year regulators published $112 billion in net regulatory costs, including deregulatory measures. They added 157.9 million paperwork burden hours, according to the daily tally from the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA). At the beginning of 2013, the American Action Forum predicted $123 billion in regulatory costs, or 8 percent from the actual figure. Adding more than $112 billion in new burdens is a stark reminder that current attempts to reduce regulatory costs are wanton. With more than $87 billion in proposed rules in 2013, likely to be finalized in 2014, burdens will continue to escalate. The final implementation push of Dodd-Frank and the ACA, and the first attempt to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from existing stationary sources will only add to the nation’s cumulative regulatory tally. Looking forward to 2014, AAF has already predicted $143 billion in possible regulatory costs.

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