by Carrie Lukas
Independent Women’s Forum
January 17, 2014
The best protection for workers is a robust, growing job market, so that employees have a variety of job options and can choose arrangements that make sense for them. Many women, particularly women in professional positions, may not find three months of leave optimal; they may prefer less time off, more flexibility, telecommuting options, and other arrangements. The federal government should not be in the business of discouraging such options, but will do so by creating a one-size-fits-all federal entitlement program. Rather than rearranging the employment contracts of more than one hundred million working Americans—including those who like their existing compensation packages and leave options—policymakers should target assistance for those with low-incomes who face the greatest chance of hardship. Additional income support, such as more generous earned income tax credits, dependent tax deductions, or child tax credits, would more effectively target vulnerable populations. State level welfare and disability programs can also provide assistance to those in need.

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