by Scott W. Atlas
Hoover Institution
January 21, 2014
Health spending is again rising rapidly, and once again the projected increase is directly attributed to President Obama’s Affordable Care Act(ACA). New government estimates from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) project that starting this year, when the ACA implements its major provisions, annual growth in national health spending will accelerate to 6.1 percent. Moreover, payment for America’s health care, and therefore control of the medical care itself, will become more centralized to the federal government. Restricting the use of advanced care and technology while naively prioritizing primary care at the expense of specialist care is precisely the wrong prescription for improving the quality of health care and jeopardizes recent gains. The better way to realize care advances is to accelerate the education of specialist physicians and reward them. Second, innovation in medical technology should be encouraged. Third, primary-care access should be increased and made more affordable.

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