by Paul Taylor
January 24, 2014
For years, blog posts promising ‘The One Chart That Explains’ some complex subject or ‘Three Graphs Tell You Everything You Need to Know About’ a current policy debate have been de rigueur and yet too often have disappointed. Paul Taylor’s The Big Picture: An Illustrated Guide to Modern American Trends pulls together 375-plus graphs and charts covering virtually every major area of domestic public policy including taxes and spending, education, health care, and family policy. It’s a very handy reference manual with an impressive array of data pulling from (and linked to) sources as diverse as the CBO, the CDC, the Cato Institute, the Brookings Institution, AEI, the Urban Institute, and the Heritage Foundation. The book answers questions, such as: How does current federal policy affect the next generation’s prospects? How do marriage and children affect income and poverty? How do lawsuits affect personal responsibility? How does insurance affect health?

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