by E.J. McMahon
Manhattan Institute
January 27, 2014
New Mayor Bill de Blasio must face New York City’s current round of collective bargaining. The budgetary stakes will be highest for the 116,000-member United Federation of Teachers (UFT). The UFT agreement expired in October 2009, and the last base salary increase for teachers took effect in May 2008. But for teachers, working without a contract doesn’t amount to working without any pay raises. The Triborough Amendment requires all contract provisions to remain in effect until a new agreement is reached. This paper calculates the fiscal impact of Triborough-driven pay hikes for teachers, finding that salary increases during the 2009-13 period totaled $1.2 billion. The city should insist on contractual provisions suspending further pay increases after the next collective bargaining agreements expire. This will give unions greater incentive to come to the table in the future.

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