by Richard A. Epstein
Hoover Institution
January 28, 2014
What should the President cover in his State of the Union address? The President, alas, is as stubborn as he is uninformed. He does not grasp that the only way to save his misbegotten administration on the domestic front is to relent on his uncompromising view that higher taxes, greater transfer payments, and more regulation of the labor and real estate markets will jump-start an economy whose long-term prospects remain in the doldrums. But instead of recalibrating the substance of his message, the President will likely keep to his old agenda, by stressing those activities that he can undertake unilaterally, that is, without Congressional help, chiefly in the areas of jobs, education, infrastructure, and environment. In these areas, it is likely that his approach will only compound policy weaknesses with probable abuses of executive power.

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