by Grace-Marie Turner, Tyler Hartsfield
Galen Institute
January 29, 2014
In virtually every city in the country, physicians and other medical professionals volunteer their time to provide free or very low-cost health care to patients in need. These clinics are an important part of the civil society safety net. However, the ever-encroaching state is threatening to strangle these private, philanthropic initiatives. The fabric of civil society is fraying as more and more of society’s needs that had been met by community and charitable organizations are being taken over by government. A new network is needed, modeled after the State Policy Network, to strengthen charity clinics around the country—a Good Samaritan network. This SPN-like organization could help clinic leaders learn from one another, teach others how to start clinics, and help increase the clinics’ profile so Americans learn about the good work they do. SPN could provide the start-up know-how.

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