by Haleigh Albers
Show-Me Institute
January 30, 2014
Saint Louis has an important opportunity to re-shape and re-grow due to its large stock of vacant land and abandoned buildings. However, when the Land Reutilization Authority (LRA), which manages more than 10,000 of these properties, rejects offers or prices properties too high, the conditions of these properties worsen. While we have seen some positive changes over the past two years, there are still major problems that the LRA needs to fix. The LRA must work on returning land back to private, productive use at a greater rate. To do this, prices must reflect the real (market) value of the properties and the LRA needs to consider accepting a larger share of formal offers. As the largest landholder in the City of Saint Louis, the LRA has a responsibility to the city to work on improving its operations and policies to promote private growth; thereby, improving Saint Louis.

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