by James V. Shuls
Show-Me Institute
January 30, 2014
Around the country, states are creating and expanding educational options through the use of vouchers, education savings accounts (ESAs), and tax credit scholarships. To inform the discussion regarding similar proposals in Missouri, the Show-Me Institute conducted a survey of private school leaders in Kansas City and Saint Louis. The survey asked school leaders to indicate their willingness to participate in a state-sponsored private school scholarship program at various price points and with varying regulations. We use the survey responses to generate estimates of the costs or cost-savings that would be incurred if the state created a private school scholarship program. Estimates vary depending on the scholarship amount and the assumptions in the model, but a well-designed voucher/ESA or tax credit scholarship program could save state and local school districts millions of dollars. A tax credit scholarship program could generate cost-savings in excess of $20 million.

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