by Charles R. Kesler
Hillsdale College
February 10, 2014
Today’s Tea Party has ambitions to become an ongoing force in American conservatism. And it strives for a return to a more limited, more constitutional form of government. It is correct in its very clear sense that there is something genuinely tyrannical about Obamacare. It threatens not only to ruin our medical care system, but to subvert our form of government and our way of life. What the Tea Party needs now is a strategy—something it has so far conspicuously lacked. If conservative officeholders don’t start to correct the structural deformations in our government, and if the Tea Party doesn’t turn its formidable patriotism and energy to enlightening the American people about how we are losing control of our own destiny, then no matter how many good policies we enact, the body politic will continue to sicken, and self-government will slip through our fingers.

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