by Elizabeth Slattery, Sarah Torre
The Heritage Foundation
February 14, 2014
Under Obamacare, employers are required to pay for coverage of contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs. While this mandate exempts formal houses of worship and their integrated auxiliaries, all other religious employers—hospitals, schools, social service organizations, and the like—and all for-profit businesses must comply or risk burdensome fines. Many employers believe that complying with this mandate would violate the tenets of their faith. In order to block the anti-conscience mandate, religious organizations and other private employers have filed over 90 lawsuits with more than 300 plaintiffs. The Supreme Court has agreed to review two of the for-profit cases later in the 2013–2014 term. It will consider whether family-run businesses can exercise religion and, if so, how such a ruling would affect the anti-conscience mandate.

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