by David Inserra, Steven P. Bucci
The Heritage Foundation
March 10, 2014
The many cybersecurity challenges facing the U.S. include one of which many Americans are unaware—the serious threat posed by vulnerabilities in the cyber supply chain. Of the many components that compose a technological product, most contain elements stemming from a broad global market, making it difficult to ascertain the complete security of an end product. With the market for technological goods and components continuing to grow, and with everything from missiles to smartphones relying on these products, the need for cyber supply chain security has never been more important. Yet, it is essential that enhancing the security of the United States’ technological supply chain not destroy the well-functioning international market for technology. The U.S. government should promote development of a private-sector system for securing and accrediting technology companies that would allow customers—from the federal government to small businesses—to make more informed and risk-based decisions.

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