by Samuel Tadros
Hudson Institute
March 19, 2014
An onslaught of articles followed Morsi’s deposal predicting the impending demise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and of Islamism as whole. Yet, long before the Arab Spring, many had contended that Islamism had failed, or was on its way to failure, and that we were moving into a new, “post-Islamist” world. While events over the past three years have cast doubts on those theories, Egypt’s military coup and the accompanying mass protest against the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule has provided them ample ammunition. However, the voices of Islamists themselves have been missing from the discussion. Given the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s contribution to Islamism’s ideological evolution and organizational spread, it is no surprise that Islamists worldwide have followed developments in Egypt. They have debated among themselves and also sought to respond directly to voices in the West about what the fall of the Brotherhood means for their overall movement and ideology.

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