by Brian Sonntag, Glen Morgan, Scott Roberts, Conner Edwards
Freedom Foundation
March 24, 2014
When the Washington state Legislature first established the Puget Sound Partnership in 2007, they intended for the agency to provide oversight and accountability to the many ongoing environmental restoration projects around Puget Sound, ensuring that taxpayer resources would be spent effectively. Unfortunately, the Puget Sound Partnership has adopted the very problems the Legislature set out to avoid: engaging in corrupt practices, wasting taxpayer dollars, and failing to fulfill any of its responsibilities as a state agency. For example, the Partnership stuck taxpayers with a $40,000 bill to pay off a former employee whom Partnership head David Dicks had illegally fired for reporting unethical practices to the State Auditor’s Office. The Puget Sound Partnership needs to be abolished before another taxpayer dollar goes into this corrupt, wasteful, and unnecessary state agency.

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