by David Stokes
Show-Me Institute
April 01, 2014
Attempts to license certain occupations are almost always initiated by the current practitioners of that field. They often do this because they want the benefits of limiting competition under the guise of improving safety or protecting consumers. Missouri has fewer of these occupational licensing requirements than other states. Fewer licensing regulations mean that goods and services are cheaper for consumers, and fewer job seekers have to ask the government’s permission before working in their chosen occupations. Missouri, nonetheless, has plenty of examples of unnecessary licenses. HB 1824 addresses overly burdensome licensing requirements. It requires that evidence be provided in support of licensing. It requires that licensing or regulation be instituted as part of a ladder of measurements instead of automatically seeking tighter requirements. Finally, the bill puts into law the idea that occupational regulations of various types should be the exception. HB 1824 would expand freedom and prosperity for Missourians.

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