by Seth L. Cooper
Free State Foundation
April 10, 2014
State lawmakers should enact policies they believe to be sound, expedient and consistent with current federal law. Good state policymaking should not get sidetracked by speculations about future federal agency actions, as in the case with the FCC and cell tower sitings. Federal law and regulations regarding placement of cell towers and other wireless facilities pose plenty of ambiguities. States should be proactive in pursuing policies to promote private investment in wireless facilities to ensure high-speed wireless broadband services in local communities. This year, state legislatures in Georgia, Missouri and Washington passed bills to restrict their local governments from delaying decision making and imposing arbitrary fees on permit applications. Other states should consider following in their path. States should act responsibly to reduce regulatory barriers to investment in next-generation wireless broadband investment, including proactively pursuing clearer standards and swifter processing of wireless facility permit applications.

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