by Ze'ev Wurman
Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research
April 23, 2014
Advocates of Common Core’s mathematics standards claim they are rigorous, reflect college-readiness, and are comparable with those of high achieving countries. But five of the 29 members of the Common Core Validation Committee refused to sign a report attesting that the standards are research-based, rigorous and internationally benchmarked. Both members of the Common Core Validation Committee with college-level mathematics content knowledge refused to sign off on them, finding them significantly lower than those of high-achieving countries. As the situation now stands, Common Core’s standards remain unvalidated despite the fact that over 46 states adopted them on the basis of a promise on their Race to the Top (RttT) applications in 2010 that they would be internationally benchmarked and, hence, rigorous. This paper explains the problems in the post facto studies that sought to validate Common Core’s standards and the concerns raised by the other studies.

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