by Michael Lucci
Illinois Policy Institute
April 30, 2014
Gov. Pat Quinn says that Illinois is a regional leader in job creation, and that the state is making a comeback. Yet, Illinois has ranked at the bottom of regional job comparisons since the Great Recession hit. Illinoisans suffer a jobless rate that is the second-worst in the nation and the highest in the Midwest. Compared to the rest of the Midwest since January 2008, Illinois has the second-worst decline in overall employment, the worst drop in payroll jobs, and the largest percentage point drop of working-age people with jobs. If Illinois had a jobless rate equal to the rest of the Midwest, 168,000 unemployed people in Illinois would have jobs today. States that are passing pro-jobs policies have seen major recoveries. And there are plenty of job-creating reforms available to Illinois legislators. Seeing a real comeback starts with unleashing entrepreneurship by lightening taxes and regulations for small businesses.

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