by Paul J. Gessing
Rio Grande Foundation
May 01, 2014
New Mexico’s House of Representatives has been controlled by the Democrats since 1953. For a number of reasons, the partisan status of the Legislature may change with the election of 2014. Competition in politics is a good thing and regardless of the outcome of the coming election, the Rio Grande Foundation remains steadfastly non-partisan and willing to work with anyone who, even on a single issue, wishes to embrace the ideas of individual liberty, limited government, and free markets. The following paper contains several free market ideas that we believe could be winning campaign issues in the 2014 elections and legislative priorities for the 2015 legislative session. These include opening up the legislature to ALL New Mexicans, increasing legislative transparency while also respecting participants’ time, obtaining voter approval for all tax hikes, getting more roads and schools without spending more, enacting a system of education tax credits, and more.

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