by The Heritage Foundation Economic Freedom Task Force
The Heritage Foundation
May 02, 2014
In a world confronted with tangible threats, the promotion of economic freedom at home and abroad has become essential for the revitalization of the U.S. economy and for U.S. national security. In 2010, the United States fell from the highest category of economically free countries in the Index of Economic Freedom; in 2014, the U.S. dropped from the top 10 altogether. A plan to increase American economic freedom is laid out in The Heritage Foundation’s Saving the American Dream plan. This Heritage Foundation Special Report describes many actions that nations around the world need to take to expand economic freedom and offers Washington a blueprint for a practical and effective global strategy. American leadership can be decisive in promoting property rights and anti-corruption measures globally. In addition, the U.S. should pursue more trade agreements around the world and stress the importance for all governments to reduce cronyism.

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