by Ralph Peters
Hoover Institution
May 06, 2014
Can the West stop Vladimir Putin’s re-conquest of the czars’ former empire? Yes, but not east of the Dnieper River. Should the West stop him? Indisputably. But will the West stop him? No, not until it’s too late. Putin has singlehandedly murdered five of our liberal elite’s foundation myths. The first myth lying in a pool of Ukrainian, Georgian, and Chechen blood holds that individuals cannot change history, but only the broadest human collectives do. The second myth is that nationalism is dead. A third myth is the core Western conviction that humanity can be socially engineered to reflect our liberal values. The fourth myth and fifth myths are respectively that negotiations are a miracle cure and that problem X, or Y, or Z has “no military solution.” The price of stopping Putin later will be far higher. At present, meaningful sanctions could undercut Putin’s economy and personal authority.

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