by Ari Bargil, Claudia Murray Edenfield
Institute for Justice
May 09, 2014
Too often, legislators attempt to help businesses by enacting laws. But, in this report, IJ argues that Florida legislators should make Florida more business friendly by repealing laws and gives 12 examples of laws whose repeal would help small businesses. Repealer bills, or simply “repealers,” are used to remove statutes that are outdated, redundant, or otherwise unwanted. Repealers remove text from, and cannot add any text to, the state’s statutes. Importantly, they do not count toward representatives’ six-bill-per-session limit. These bills are traditionally used to remove obsolete laws, but IJ’s study suggests they can also be used to advance business in the state. What follows in this report are but 12 among countless anticompetitive, senseless, and arbitrary restrictions that hold back businesses in Florida. Florida legislators should use repealers to cut away the red tape that is binding Florida businesses.

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