by Hanns Kuttner
Hudson Institute
May 29, 2014
Nearly 30 years after the first Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, the 2015 DGAC has moved away from its original diet and nutrition mandate into questions about the food-making process’s impact on the environment and on humans. A new “sustainability” mindset has taken hold and “attainability” has taken a back seat. This shift may be due to the fact that current committee members come from the world of academia where the nascent study of sustainability has captured their imaginations. Further, the dominant research interests of the committee do not include how Americans shop for and buy food or what their concerns about nutrition are. Revised dietary guidance will be issued in 2015. If efforts are not undertaken now to redirect the DGAC and the guideline-writing process, the 2015 revisions to the guidelines could go off in new and expansive directions. The breadth and direction could have far-reaching, negative effects on Americans and their health.

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