by Will Rinehart
American Action Forum
June 16, 2014
Past regulatory choices have led to a robust broadband market, but laws governing the communications and technology sector need modernization. Three broad themes provide an intellectual grounding to make sound policy in the coming years. First, broadband is a quickly changing market, which makes onerous regulation unwise. We should be agnostic about how these networks develop because no one is sure what the Internet should look like. Thus, the Commission should strive for regulatory humility and regulate after problems occur. Second, the market has flourished, offering superior prices, speed, and quality due to intense intermodal competition and smart regulatory practices. Third, any restructuring of the FCC should be consistent with these dynamics to ensure the continued development of high speed Internet. Time has shown that when the FCC keeps their hands off and lets consumers decide, everyone wins. When the Communications Act is updated, it needs to incorporate these lessons.

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