by John Davidson
Texas Public Policy Foundation
June 17, 2014
Policy Brief
After six months of open enrollment, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchange in Texas has failed to attract a significant portion of the state’s uninsured. The ACA was passed partly on the premise that there was considerable demand for health insurance, but so far the data does not support this. Given the high uninsured rate in Texas, the most remarkable thing about ACA enrollment data is not how many people signed up, but how few. The high cost of exchange premiums has likely discouraged many uninsured Texans from seeking coverage through the exchanges. The majority of people who have enrolled in the exchanges – both in Texas and nationwide – were previously insured. Given the Obama administration’s ongoing failure to provide data that would enable an accurate assessment of enrollment, ACA’s success in Texas remains unclear. The debate over it is not and should not be over.

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