by Andrew P. Kelly, KC Deane, Taryn Hochleitner
American Enterprise Institute
June 18, 2014
Policy Study
A maze of tasks, deadlines, and paperwork stands between qualified high school students and their future college degrees. In everything from tax filing to buying airline tickets, advances in technology and data collection have made it easier to inform individuals about their options and reduced the labor necessary to sort through those options. The same logic could be applied to college enrollment. This could be done with better data collection, clarification of data privacy policies, a streamlined process for partnering school districts with third-party providers, and the provision of incentives for schools and colleges to leverage innovation in a way that lowers costs. When procedural hurdles trip up aspiring college students, society misses out on the benefits of a more educated citizenry. It is in everyone’s interest to see such students complete their educations.

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