by Victor Davis Hanson
Hoover Institution
July 01, 2014
Since World War II, the global order has largely been determined by US engagement, a fact that the Obama administration has failed to articulate to the American people. US leadership of NATO has prevented Germany from translating its economic preeminence into military power. Because the US guarantees security to Asian democracies in dangerous parts of the world, those countries have not sought nuclear weapons. Because the US sides with the historically victimized, millions of Jews, Kurds, and Taiwanese have escaped the boot of racist oppressors. Yet the Obama administration has offered no systematic defense of the world order that it inherited. While Marxist governments spread across Latin America, Iran pursues nuclear weapons, and Russia and China bully their neighbors, the Obama administration declares war on climate change. Americans did not fully appreciate the global order that the US has fought to maintain for seventy years – now that it is vanishing, perhaps they will.

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