by Anthony Daniels
Hillsdale College
July 02, 2014
In his work as a doctor for low-income families in one of Britain’s poorest cities, Anthony Daniels developed an impression of the worldview that was at the source of their misery. Almost everyone has at least once resorted to excuses about his circumstances when he has done something wrong or made a bad decision. But in Britain, an entire class of persons has been created that not only indulges in this tendency, but makes it their entire world outlook – and does so with official encouragement. Those who occupy this unhappy class lead lives characterized by violence, particularly violence between the sexes – largely a consequence of fluidity of relations between the sexes. They tend not to live in cohesive families but rather among constantly-shifting galleries of strange names and faces. This is the view from the bottom, but it is a view that has been inculcated by family-wrecking policies that came from the top.

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