by Susan Bradford
Capital Research Center
July 02, 2014
Organization Trends
For decades the Left has worked to turn churches into one more pressure group that will serve its political agenda. One of the saddest examples is the denomination known as the United Church of Christ, whose two most famous members are Barack Obama and his longtime pastor, the notorious Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Barack Obama, as a community organizer, was the perfect embodiment of the UCC and the wider movement of ecumenism and social justice. Once the ecumenicists gained a foothold in the church, the focus of the UCC moved from salvation to political activism. Instead of refining the characters of church members, the church focused on mobilizing activists on behalf of policies few church members knew much about. The church would claim to speak for its members on matters ranging from health care to immigration. Whether or not these new organizations will manage to live for millennia like the Christian churches is unclear. But their ability to affect America's politics is beyond dispute.

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