by Alec Torres
Capital Research Center
July 02, 2014
Labor Watch
Radical unions and their allies are gaining control of New York City. With the critical backing of the nation’s most powerful union local, SEIU 1199, and with advisors like Patrick Gaspard of SEIU (and the Obama White House) and Bertha Lewis of ACORN, Mayor Bill de Blasio is pursuing policies that threaten the future of the world’s most important city. Not only did SEIU 1199 donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to the de Blasio campaign, it spent $2 million in mailers to get its 200,000 members to the polls. In return, de Blasio has sought to undo all of his predecessor’s victories for school choice and to reward his allies in the teacher’s unions with billions in retroactive pay. The good news is that de Blasio’s popularity is waning as voters realize that New York’s “new Progressive direction” favors left-wingers over regular New Yorkers.

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