by Barbara Joanna Lucas
Capital Research Center
July 02, 2014
Organization Trends
Common Cause claims to seek good government, but prefers big government. At its founding, Common Cause described itself as a “nationwide, independent, non-partisan organization” that would be a watchdog of powerful politicians and push good government policies for ordinary people. Yet for every good policy that Common Cause backs, often in the vaguest terms, it supports a dozen policies that make government bigger and opportunities for corruption greater. Over the more than four decades since its founding, the organization has made it one of its highest priorities to limit the political speech of individual Americans through various campaign finance reform ruses and “media reform” schemes. In reality, Common Cause represents all that its supporters despise. It is intimately entangled with a vast network of lobbyists and politicians, is aggressively partisan, raises money from shady characters, and engages in political smears.

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