by Paul Kersey
Illinois Policy Institute
July 03, 2014
The laws that govern how unions are installed should be changed to protect Illinoisans from the imposition of unwanted unions. Illinois is party to a landmark federal lawsuit, Harris v. Quinn. In this case, the state must defend before the U.S. Supreme Court its decision to permit the unionization of people who are not state workers. The people in question participate in a state-administered Medicaid program that allows them to provide in-home care for disabled relatives as an alternative to institutionalization. Some Medicaid beneficiaries are suing because they voted against unionization and want relief from the threat to unionize. Others, known as personal care assistants, were unionized under the Service Employees International Union. Unions should never be imposed where they are not wanted, and people should not be forced to pay money to a union that they do not want to support. SEIU should be removed as the representative for personal care assistants, and made to refund dues it has collected from those who did not wish to be organized.

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