by Barbara Joanna Lucas
Capital Research Center
July 07, 2014
Organization Trends
Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s favorite left-wing group, “Demos,” is a New York City think tank and advocacy shop whose slogan is “An Equal Say and Equal Chance for All.” Like Warren, Demos sees the project of equality as one of higher spending, higher taxes, more redistribution, greater restriction of free speech, and a radically expanded government. In 2010, they released a budget plan to rival Simpson-Bowles – one which slashed defense spending, massively increased social spending, and raised taxes, all while making the debt even larger. Perhaps most alarming is the group’s publicly expressed wish for American sovereignty to be subsumed into a system of “global governance.” Given their radical ambitions, it comes as no surprise that Demos is pining for Sen. Warren, a candidate to the left of Hillary Clinton, to run for President.

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