by Bruce Thornton
Hoover Institution
August 07, 2014
American progressives who would emulate the European Union (EU) should reconsider. The EU acts more and more like a bloated bureaucracy staffed with elites, armed with intrusive regulatory power and insulated from citizen accountability. Meanwhile, the growing strength of nationalist Euroskeptic political parties in the European Parliament testifies to the continuing hold national identity has on millions of Europeans – and to Europe’s chronic dissatisfaction with the EU. Given the conflicting “passions and interests” of human nature, this disparaged and disregarded nationalism is unlikely to remain content with sporadic protest-votes or flag-waving during soccer championships. How it will manifest itself in the future – through peaceful political change, or through violent reaction – is still an open question. But there is no question that the EU has little for the US to emulate, and much to avoid.

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