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InsiderOnline Blog: February 2005

Go On, Be Selfish.

And treat yourself to a celebration of the Ayn Rand Centenary, an occasion perfect for guilt-free capitalism and cake.

Cox and Forkum give the First Lady of Objectivism a lovely tribute, here. (h/t Andrew Roth)

If you're in the UK, the Adam Smith Institute is holding a centenary event Wednesday. Why be interested in Rand?

Rand is interesting because of the fundamental challenge she poses to collectivism: saying that what people create is theirs, and any attempt to tax it or regulate its use is immoral. Well, maybe: but there is no doubt that the political debate of today could use a dose of her radicalism.

The Objectivist Center is of course holding an event Wednesday, and their whole front page is devoted to the occasion right now.

Posted on 02/01/05 10:21 AM by Mary Katherine Ham

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