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InsiderOnline Blog: May 2014

How to Support Marriage and Freedom

Is it “game over” on marriage? No, says Ryan Anderson, who offers a detailed strategy for protecting and promoting marriage. Here are, paraphrased, the six elements of Anderson’s plan:

• Defend the right of the states to define marriage as a union of one man and one woman. After all, in striking down the Defense of Marriage Act, the Supreme Court said that the prerogative to define marriage belongs to the states.

• Advance the argument for the classically liberal form of limited government so as to protect the rights of individuals to follow their own conscience about marriage—including the right to not participate in same-sex weddings or recognize same-sex relationships as marriages.

• Continue to make the intellectual case for defining marriage as a union of one man and one woman. Anderson: “There is something perverse in conservatives thinking that ideas have consequences but that good ideas can’t persuade.”

• Emulate free market supporters success in building a movement. Winning on marriage will require a more diverse network of socially conservative think tanks, advocacy groups, media outlets, and university programs.

• And don’t forget the role of the church: “No matter what, the church will play a central role in shaping opinions on marriage. If it chooses to remain rather silent, it will shape opinion by default. On the other hand, it can rise to the occasion in developing a compelling response to the sexual revolution. And it possesses the only fully satisfying response.”

• Learn how to take the long view of the fight, as the pro-life movement has done in the battle for life.

Read the whole thing: “Six Things You Can Do to Support Marriage and Freedom,” by Ryan T. Anderson, May 23, The Foundry.

Posted on 05/23/14 09:29 PM by Alex Adrianson

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