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InsiderOnline Blog: September 2012

Yes, Economic Freedom Matters

… finds the Fraser Institute’s latest edition of its Economic Freedom of the World Report, just released this week:

Nations in the top quartile of economic freedom had an average per-capita GDP of $37,691 in 2010, compared to $5,188 for bottom quartile nations in 2010 current international dollars. In the top quartile, the average income of the poorest 10% was $11,382, compared to $1,209 in the bottom in 2010 current international dollars. Interestingly, the average income of the poorest 10% in the most economically free nations is more than twice the overall average income in the least free nations. Life expectancy is 79.5 years in the top quartile compared to 61.6 years in the bottom quartile.

According to the Fraser Institute’s ranking, the top ten in economic freedom are Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Bahrain, Mauritius, Finland, and Chile. The United States comes in 18th, right behind Qatar. The bottom five in economic freedom are Angola, the Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, and Venezuela.

Posted on 09/21/12 10:33 AM by Alex Adrianson

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