by Terry Stoops
John Locke Foundation
February 25, 2014
In 2011, Lindsay Burke of the Heritage Foundation outlined a three-prong exit strategy for states that desire to abandon the Common Core State Standards. The North Carolina-specific plan outlined in this article addresses some of the anxieties of parents, teachers, and citizens who worry about the long- and short-term effects of the Standards on North Carolina public education. The NC General Assembly should create two permanent commissions that would be charged with raising the quality and rigor of state English and mathematics standards, curricula, and assessments. Each commission should employ a large and diverse group of stakeholders. The goals of the commissions should be to: modify or replace the Common Core State Standards; specify content that aligns with the standards; recommend a valid, reliable, and cost-effective testing program that aligns to the standards and content; and provide ongoing review of the standards, curriculum, and tests throughout implementation.

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